Council Cup Campground 2017 Activities
   April 28-30 Opening  Weekend of 2017  Season         July 6-9 Briggs Farm Blues Festival – 4 miles from our camp
        Welcome Back!  Looking forward to a great season.     July 6-9 Briggs's Blues Festival 5 mile from camp
        Our summer activities begin.     July 11-16  33rd. Annual Benton Rodeo, 20 miles.
   May 5-7 Easter Weekend     July 14-16  Christmas in July   Activities posted at bridge.  Help 
        Egg Hunt Sat. am 11:30, Bring a basket or bag for eggs          Decorate the tree under the pavilion. Presents need to be at 
        Sign up at office Friday night, name and age          Office with secured name tags by Friday evening for Santa
   May 12-14  Mother’s Day Weekend           To hand out to your child Sat. Evening.  Please only one 
        Fishing Derby Sat. 9-12pm.  Prizes for largest Brook, Rainbow           Present per child.  Ham Dinner and Fixings, No fee
        Trout.  Free breakfast for mom when accompanied by her child,          bring a covered dish for your family and enough to share
        fee for dad and children, Sat. 9-11am  Sausage and Pancakes.          Have fun decorating your camper for the weekend and win a 
        Seasonal Camper’s Meeting Immediately following breakfast.          Prize for the best decorated camper.
        Reunite with all the Seasonals and welcome the new ones.     Aug.4-6 Mexican Night Sat. 6pm  Bring a dish to share.
   May 26-29 Memorial Day Weekend – Activities and times posted      Aug 18-20  Hawaiian Luau   No FEE.  Please sign up at office.  It 
        By bridge.  Advertised Camp Wide Yard Sale, Sat. 10-2pm          is a must by 8/8/14.  Bring a covered dish/desert for your family 
        Set up at your camper or under one of the pavilions.  Bring          & enough to share.  Evening entertainment.  Dress forLuau fun 
        Your items you’ve been saving all year.     Sept 1-4 Labor Day Weekend. Children’s Chinese Auction –
        Duck Race, ending at bridge to Benefit “Geisinger Miracle           Donations welcome (new items). No Fee for children.  Fishing 
        Network”, 50/50, $2/duck.  Sign up for your duck at the office,          Derby, Activities posted at bridge.  Prizes. Bingo.  Evening   
        Sun 12 noon.  Bingo    Evening entertainment Sat. and Sun.          Entertainment.
  June 16-18 Father’s Day Weekend.     Sept 15-17  Spaghetti Dinner Sat. 6 pm   No charge, 
        Sat. 9:30-11 an Sausage and Pancakes.  Dad free when          Everyone in the campground is invited. Sign up at office.
        accompanied by his own child.  Fee for mom and children.    Sept. 23-30 The Bloomsburg Fair - 20 miles from campground.
       Horseshoe tournament $5/person, 50-50 win, to benefit     Oct 6-8  Halloween Party  -  Bring your costumes and dress for the 
        "Geisinger Miracle Network". Bake good sale at office.           Best Halloween Party ever. Sat. 7 pm. Prizes.  Seasonals
        Donations from campers appreciated.           Don’t forget to bring your treats for these Halloweeners.  Prize
  June 23-25 Graduation Weekend –Covered Dish. Help make this          Given to the best decorated campsite.
        A success for our campers graduating from one grade to the     Oct. 9   Seasonal Camping Officially Closed.
        Next.  Drop off at office, Child’s name and the next     Oct. 21-22  Hellers Apple Festival  with vendors - Wapwallopen
        Successful grade they will be attending. Bring child’s favorite
        Dish and enough to share.  Sat. 6pm.         Please watch Activity Board at Bridge for any details or 
   June30-July 3  July 4th Weekend.  It is our wish to keep everyone           Cancellations due to weather or circumstances.  Also this year our 
        safe.  No Sparklers or Fireworks Allowed at site..  List at Office for          Activities posted on the web may be changed.  If so changes will be 
        local Firework Displays in our area.  Tye-Dying/Hand Printing on           Made by the Thursday before the up coming weekend.
        T-shirts.  T-shirts available at pavilion for a small fee. Duck Race, 
       ending at bridge to Benefit “Geisinger Miracle Network", 50/50,                    Thank You.                
       $2/Duck purchase at office.  List of activities will be posted at 
       bridge and office porch.         Shirley & Terry Knouse - Joanie & Barry Marshallick